Great day with @bigtofu2 at #buschgardens #Virginia #birthdayweek

At #virginiabeach with @bigtofu2 for his #birthdayweek #Virginia #kwl23

At #virginiabeach this with @bigtofu2 for his #birthdayweek #Virginia

Even though we annoy the living shit of out each other, you’re one of my best friends. The past 5 years have been an adventure with you and I can’t wait to have more. You get on my nerves a lot but most of the time it’s because you want what’s best for me. You’re going to be a great “doctor” one day but until then we can be poverty together. Have a great birthday because you deserve it! #bestie #birthdayweek #5eva #dontkillme #yourebeautiful

5 random thingies

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Is this just 5 random things about myself? 

1. Like Pam, I sometimes sing while doing every things. Most of the time I don’t even realize it. This is not a new thing. I’ve been doing this since I was a kid and sang about random things like giant watermelons eating people. You can ask about it but I honestly don’t know why. I think this habit is normal because it happens in Glee and in all the musicals I’ve watched.

2. I am adopted… by a Chinese lady. So it doesn’t really count.

3. I like to stick my feet in the crevice between the bed and wall  and my hands between my waist band and hip bone when I sleep. It’s cold on the wall and warm in my waist band so I’m comfortable.

4. I weighed 180 pounds at one point of my life. People would have never been able to guess because I was the secret fat.

5. I am actually a horder. I’m just really organized so all my stuff is tucked away in boxes and other places.

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Spent a beautiful day in #nyc with @bigtofu2 for his #birthdayweek #hudsonriverpark